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Photography is an art form that requires skill, creativity, and dedication. Whether they're capturing stunning landscapes, candid moments, or professional portraits, photographers invest a significant amount of time and effort into their craft. However, despite their passion and expertise, photographers often find themselves on the receiving end of comments that range from mildly annoying to downright offensive. If you want to avoid inadvertently rubbing a photographer the wrong way, here are ten things you should never say to them:

  1. "Your camera takes amazing pictures!" - While it's true that a good camera is essential for quality photography, attributing all credit to the equipment overlooks the photographer's skill and artistic vision.

  2. "Can you Photoshop that to make me look better?" - Asking a photographer to heavily edit or manipulate an image can undermine their integrity and artistic integrity. It's best to appreciate their work as it is.  However, we will remove blemishes, acne, red-eye, etc.

  3. "I could do what you do if I had a fancy camera." - Photography is about more than just owning expensive equipment. It requires a deep understanding of composition, lighting, and storytelling, which takes years to master.

  4. "Can you work for exposure?" - Expecting a photographer to work for free in exchange for "exposure" diminishes the value of their time and expertise. Like any professional, photographers deserve to be compensated for their work.

  5. "That's a nice photo. You must have a good editing software." - While post-processing can enhance images, a great photograph starts with a skilled photographer who knows how to capture the moment effectively.

  6. "Why is photography so expensive?" - Quality photography involves much more than just pressing a button. From equipment costs to time spent on editing and client communication, photographers have various expenses that justify their pricing.

  7. "Can you make me look thinner/younger/prettier?" - Photographers aim to capture their subjects authentically and respectfully. Asking for unrealistic alterations can be offensive and unrealistic.

  8. "You must love taking pictures of weddings! It's so easy, right?" - Wedding photography is a demanding and high-pressure field that requires extensive planning, coordination, and the ability to work under stress. It's far from easy.

  9. "Can you send me all the raw files?" - Raw files are unprocessed and often unfinished products of photography. Just as a chef wouldn't serve raw ingredients, a photographer's raw files are part of their creative process and not typically shared with clients.

  10. "Your job must be so fun! You get to play with cameras all day." - While photography can be rewarding and fulfilling, it's also hard work that involves long hours, physical strain, and dealing with various challenges.

In conclusion, photographers are artists who deserve respect for their craft and expertise. By avoiding these common faux pas, you can show appreciation for their work and build positive relationships with the photographers you encounter. So next time you admire a photograph, remember to acknowledge the person behind the lens and their dedication to capturing moments that inspire and evoke emotion.


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How to Prepare for a Photography Mini Session Picture-Perfect Prep: How to Prepare for a Photography Mini Session

Mini photography sessions offer a fantastic opportunity to capture memories, whether it's for family portraits, couples' shoots, or professional headshots. Despite their shorter duration, these sessions can yield stunning results when approached with proper preparation. If you're gearing up for a photography mini session, here's a comprehensive guide on how to prepare and make the most of your time in front of the lens:

1. Communicate with Your Photographer

Before your mini session, communicate openly with your photographer. Discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific shots you have in mind. Share details about the location, theme, and desired style to ensure everyone is on the same page. This collaboration sets the stage for a successful session tailored to your needs.

2. Plan Your Outfits Thoughtfully

Selecting the right outfits can elevate your photos and convey the desired mood or theme. Coordinate colors and styles that complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. Avoid busy patterns or logos that may distract from the main subject. Additionally, consider the location and season when choosing attire to ensure comfort and suitability.

3. Consider Props and Accessories

Props can add interest and personality to your photos, enhancing the overall story or theme. Whether it's a favorite book, a bouquet of flowers, or a beloved pet, carefully chosen props can elevate your images. Likewise, accessorize thoughtfully with jewelry, hats, scarves, or other items that reflect your style and personality.

4. Prepare Yourself Physically

Prioritize self-care in the days leading up to your mini session. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and nourish your body with healthy foods. Avoid excessive sun exposure or major changes to your appearance, such as drastic haircuts or new skincare routines, right before the session. Feeling your best physically will radiate through in your photos.

5. Practice Posing and Expressions

Feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera can make a significant difference in your photos. Spend some time practicing different poses and expressions in front of a mirror or with a friend. Experiment with angles, posture, and facial expressions to find what works best for you. Remember to relax, be natural, and trust your photographer's guidance during the session.

6. Pack Essentials for Touch-Ups

Bring along a small bag with essentials for touch-ups during the session. Include items like blotting papers, lip balm, hairbrush or comb, and any makeup for quick fixes. These simple touch-ups can help ensure you look polished and camera-ready throughout the session.

7. Arrive Early and Relaxed

Plan to arrive a few minutes early to your mini session to allow for any last-minute adjustments or unforeseen delays. Use this time to relax, take deep breaths, and mentally prepare for the session ahead. Arriving in a calm and relaxed state will set a positive tone for the rest of the shoot.

8. Trust the Process and Have Fun

Above all, trust your photographer's expertise and enjoy the experience. Let go of any self-consciousness or perfectionism and focus on being present in the moment. Embrace spontaneity, laughter, and genuine interactions, as these often result in the most authentic and memorable photos.

By following these tips and preparing thoughtfully, you can make the most of your photography mini session and create beautiful memories to cherish for years to come. So, get ready to strike a pose, flash your brightest smile, and let your personality shine through the lens!

Book you mini session here!


minisessions2024minisessions2024Mini Sessions


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The reason I do this I'm driven by a simple mission: to provide top-notch portrait and wedding photography services for budget-conscious couples and families.

Above all, my work is dedicated to honoring our Heavenly Father. It's important to us that every interaction reflects the light of Jesus. It's through His grace that I can share my talents with our community.

When my wife and I were planning our own wedding, we encountered the daunting reality of sky-high photography prices. With both of us juggling full-time jobs and studies, along with caring for her niece and nephew, our budget was tight. Despite our busy lives, we couldn't justify spending over $3000 on a photographer.

At the time, I was freelancing as a wedding photographer and working for a local school photographer. We ultimately asked a friend to shoot our wedding, confident in his abilities and eager to support him. Though he graciously offered to do it for free, we insisted on compensating him for his time.

However, when we received the photos, they fell short of our expectations. Despite my best efforts to edit them, my wife wasn't satisfied. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what went wrong—whether it was the lighting, the pressure, or other factors.

That experience ignited a determination within me to serve couples like us: those who desire quality photography without breaking the bank. I've made it my mission to price my services slightly below the market average, ensuring that everyone can afford beautiful, elegant photos for their special day. I understand that not everyone can shell out thousands for wedding photography, yet they still deserve stunning images to cherish for a lifetime.

I refuse to see my clients burdened with debt or financial strain just to capture their precious moments. That's why I'm committed to delivering professional, elegant photography at an affordable rate.


Photo by: Janie Loftin Photography
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Capturing Memories: A Guide to Finding the Best High School Senior Photographer As the final year of high school approaches, it's a time filled with excitement, anticipation, and a bit of nostalgia. Amidst all the milestones and celebrations, one aspect that seniors and their families often prioritize is capturing this significant moment in their lives through photography. Choosing the right photographer for senior portraits is crucial in ensuring that these memories are preserved beautifully for years to come. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to find the best high school senior photographer:

  1. Research and Explore Portfolios: Start by researching local photographers who specialize in senior portraits. Look at their portfolios to get a sense of their style, creativity, and the quality of their work. Pay attention to their ability to capture the personality and individuality of each senior.

  2. Consider Style and Vision: Every photographer has a unique style and approach to their work. Some may prefer traditional poses and settings, while others may specialize in more candid or artistic shots. Consider your personal style preferences and the vision you have for your senior portraits when choosing a photographer whose style aligns with yours.

  3. Read Reviews and Testimonials: Take the time to read reviews and testimonials from past clients. This will give you insights into the photographer's professionalism, reliability, and the overall experience they provide. Pay attention to feedback regarding communication, flexibility, and the ability to make clients feel comfortable during the photo shoot.

  4. Schedule Consultations: Once you've narrowed down your options, schedule consultations with your top choices. Use this opportunity to discuss your ideas, preferences, and any specific requests you may have. A good photographer will listen attentively to your vision and offer suggestions to bring it to life.

  5. Evaluate Experience and Expertise: Consider the photographer's experience and expertise in senior portrait photography. Ask about their background, training, and any awards or recognition they may have received. An experienced photographer will have the skills and knowledge to handle different lighting conditions, locations, and posing techniques effectively.

  6. Review Packages and Pricing: Compare the packages and pricing offered by different photographers. While cost is an important factor, prioritize value and quality over price alone. Look for photographers who offer comprehensive packages that include a variety of services such as photo editing, prints, and digital files.

  7. Check Availability and Scheduling: Confirm the photographer's availability for your desired date and time. Senior year can be busy with various activities and commitments, so it's essential to book your photo session well in advance to secure your preferred slot.

  8. Ask About Location Options: Discuss potential locations for the photo shoot with your photographer. Whether you prefer a scenic outdoor setting, an urban backdrop, or a studio environment, make sure the photographer is comfortable and experienced in shooting in your chosen location.

  9. Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, trust your instincts when making the final decision. Choose a photographer who you feel comfortable with and who understands your vision for your senior portraits. Building a rapport with your photographer will contribute to a more relaxed and enjoyable photo shoot experience.

  10. Plan Ahead and Have Fun: Lastly, plan ahead and prepare for your photo shoot to ensure everything goes smoothly. Coordinate outfits, props, and any other elements you want to incorporate into your portraits. Most importantly, relax, have fun, and enjoy this special moment as you celebrate the culmination of your high school journey.

Choosing the best high school senior photographer requires careful consideration and research, but the investment is well worth it when you have stunning portraits to cherish for a lifetime. By following these tips and trusting your instincts, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect photographer to capture this momentous chapter in your life.


5I4A12335I4A1233Seniors, High School Seniors 5I4A13435I4A1343Seniors, High School Seniors

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What To Wear For Senior Pictures | 5 Tips What Should I Wear for Senior Pictures?

This is one of the most common questions we receive! If you’re wondering how to plan what to wear for senior pictures, you’re not alone. For our clients, the goal is always to have a fun and stress-free photo experience. In order to do this, and to get the most out of your time in front of the camera—preparation is key!


The standard session style is classic and includes items like a cap and gown, confetti, and maybe your college sweatshirt or sports uniform. Another style option is editorial, which focuses on magazine-style items like flower bouquets, picnic blankets and baskets, sports equipment, or other items. Hint! Hint!  You can do both.

Please note that props are not a “must” by any means. Some of our clients love them and go all out. Some pick one or two items to bring. Others stick with just their outfits, and that’s great, too! The most important thing to bring is you!  The session is about you and your personality!  We will help bring that out.

5I4A12335I4A1233Seniors, High School Seniors 5I4A6092a5I4A6092aSeniors, High School Seniors


2. Two Dresses

The first piece to add to your shoot wardrobe is a dress or two. Try picking one dress to wear on its own, and then one dress to wear under your cap and gown outfit (if you choose). The dress you wear with your gown should be shorter in length than the gown itself. Remember: there’s no such thing as “too dressed up” when it comes to your portrait session, so don’t be afraid to have some fun!   You don't have to go buy an expensive dress either.  You can just got to Goodwill or rent a dress.  You can even use this as an excuse to go shopping!


I recommend choosing long, flowing dresses or skirts because they’re flattering on all body types, look amazing on camera and bring extra movement and dimension to your photos. Floor length skirts and dresses will give us the best “twirl factor,” add more romance to your walking/running photos and look especially gorgeous with nature.


5I4A8530a5I4A8530aSeniors, High School Seniors 5I4A9617bw5I4A9617bwSeniors, High School Seniors IMG_8174IMG_8174Seniors, High School Seniors


Button-up shirts and dress pants tend to look most impressive on camera because they really suit the male body.  I recommend bringing at least one long sleeve button-up shirt—either blue, black or white (solid colors). This is a classic look that never goes out of style. Whether or not you actually want to go full out in a suit is totally up to you, but I do recommend at least one "formal" outfit.

5I4A9247a5I4A9247aSeniors, High School Seniors

3.  Be You!

In addition to a fancier look, you’ll want to include something more “your style'“, like your favorite denim with a blouse or cool graphic tee. This is also a category where we see a lot of jumpsuits, rompers and two piece sets.

5I4A1069a5I4A1069aSeniors, High School Seniors 5I4A14975I4A1497Seniors, High School Seniors 5I4A6116a5I4A6116aSeniors, High School Seniors

4.  Weather

If it’s colder outside, I suggest bringing a warm coat (the longer, the better!) to wear when we’re not shooting. In front of the camera, cute cold-weather accessories include beanies, scarves, boots and of course - cozy jackets and sweaters!


When it comes to what to wear for senior pictures, let your guiding light be what I call the 3 T’s: include clothes that are trendy, timeless and true to you.


For one of your outfits, choose something trendy, such as a 2-piece pantsuit with a cropped top, a romper, or fun accessories like ankle socks and scrunchies. Even bringing along a pop of color like heart-shaped sunglasses can be fun. This is your chance to take risks and be bold with your outfit expression.


This is the outfit where you would want to include neutral colors, like black, white, and shades of gray. If it’s warmer out, you can opt for a little black dress (ladies) or a black t-shirt (guys). If it’s cooler, I recommend pulling in pieces like scarves, hats, coats and suits. This “T” is more about color scheme and pattern of the fabric, which, in order to remain timeless must be made to accentuate you, not to stand out on its own.


Lastly, be sure to include an outfit that is unique to your style, hobbies, or personality. This can include school uniforms, sports uniforms, and or an item that represents where you're headed next. It’s so important to use the opportunity of being in front of a camera to capture not only your look, but your personality. This is another chance to take risks, but this time it’s more so to showcase your lifestyle, not just your personal style.

Inquire here if interested...

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How to find the right wedding photographer A wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your big day!  However, what should you look for in a photographer or better yet how do you find the right wedding photographer.  What should you look for in a wedding photographer? 

When to should you Book your Wedding Photographer

The sooner the better. I advise to book your wedding photographer as soon as you secure a wedding date and venue. Many photographers, myself included, take on a limited number of weddings each year.  As a rule of thumb, about a 8 months to a year in advance of your wedding date is a good timeline.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Wedding Photographer?

As with all wedding vendors, the cost of a wedding photographer will vary. The investment will be based on the photographer's experience, location, the wedding destination (which may or may not include travel costs) and different packages they may offer. Some Photographers may offer prints or digital images, pre-wedding engagement photos as well. To give you a ballpark number though, Bailey says for an experienced, professional photographer, couples can expect to spend at least $6,000. However, the Knot says that the average wedding photography cost in the U.S. is $2,500.  Though, we cater to budget friendly couples.  Our average wedding package is $1200.

What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Finding your dream wedding photographer becomes a whole lot easier when you know what to look for. According to the pros, there are two main factors that should help drive your decision: the photographer's style and how you get along with them.  I highly recommend getting a photographer that includes an engagement session.  This way you can get to know your photographer and their style.

You first want to make sure you connect with your photographer.  If you don't like them, you will not your images.  It is a true collaboration.  The photographer wants to get to know the couple as well.  What style do they like, are there poses that they're not comfortable with, etc.

Also, their style is important.  If they do just black and white, but you want color, that obvious a style you do not want.

Hire someone that puts you at ease.

How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

Now that you know what to look for in a wedding photographer, next comes actually hiring a wedding photographer. The exact process may look different depending on how the photographer operates, but generally, here are the steps you can expect to take.

Reach out via their website.

Once you know your wedding date, The first step is to reach out to the photographer via their contact information from their website, or message them via social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) to see if your date is available.  If it is, then set up a time to talk with them.

Set up a time to chat.

This is essential to the hiring process. This is will give you the opportunity to feel them out and get your first impression of them.   Remember, ensuring you get along well with the photographer is one of the most important things to look for.

Share wedding details.

Make sure you tell them all of the details of the day.  Try to be transparent as possible.  The photographer is feeling you out as well, to ensure they're a good fit for you as well.  Go ahead and tell them what you expect in a photographer.  Again, this is important to help the photographer assess whether you'll be a good fit to work together.

Ask all your questions.

Finally, ask as many questions you have.  If you want to know how long it takes to get the gallery after the wedding day, ask away.  How many images will you receive, ask.  Do they have a second shooter, find out.

How Long?

This answer will vary depending on the type of wedding you're having and what you want.  On average, 8 hours is a normal amount of time.  However, if you're not comfortable with getting ready photos, take off a couple of hours.

Next step

So you've booked your wedding photographer, what's next?  The photographer will let you know what the next steps are.  For example, I let my couples know that 4-5 weeks before the ceremony, we will get together to discuss the final details including poses and timeline.  Also, share as many details through out the process as possible.  I love it when my clients share what details they want to include on their day at any time.

If you have any questions about this process, please let reach out.  We would love to talk.

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A little bit about Triston
5I4A07095I4A0709 I am Triston.  I have lived in Kansas my entire life.  I am a husband of 15 years to a beautiful woman and father to 3 awesome kids!  My family and I moved to Andover shortly after we got married.  We have enjoyed the city of Andover a lot.  Especially our little neighborhood.  We have great neighbors!

IMG_0460aIMG_0460a 5I4A07205I4A0720

Not only do I love photography, but I also love the Kansas Jayhawks!  I went to school at KU my first two years after high school, then transferred and graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Business Administrations degree.  However, I would love to eventually go back to KU and get a masters.  I like the Shockers, but my heart is with my Jayhawks.  :)

When I went to college, I majored in Chemistry in the Pre-Med program, but soon realized that this was not the right path for me.  Not knowing what to do next, I spoke with my mentor.  He said that you know the art of photography, go learn the business aspect of it.  That is where most people fail.  So that is what I did.  So for the past 15.5 years, that is what I've been doing.  I have not looked back.  Now I don't do this full time yet, however, that is my goal one day. IMG_1333IMG_1333 1111

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Save on your wedding! It is that time of year again!  Our annual wedding sale!  Save 25% when you book your 2024/2025 wedding (love bug package not included).  You heard that right!  We do this sale every year for the couples whom are on a budget.  Call, email, or message us today. weddingcampaign2024, affordable wedding photographersweddingcampaign2024

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Imaging USA 2024 It has been awhile since I've posted to the blog.  This week I got the opportunity to attended Imaging USA 2024.  It was a  fantastic week learning, growing, networking, and being motivated by the best photographers in the industry!  One of the things I learned is to blog.  This helps to connect more with you, my wonderful clients.  I will write in a future post on why I have not been blogging.  Below are just a few images I took with my phone from the week.  I look forward using what I've learned!

imagingusaImaging USA imagingusaImaging USA

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Wedding Discount Save this month on all weddings!  Take 30% off your wedding package!

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Save 15% on your Wedding Package We were at the Wichita Bridal Expo at Century 2 last month and had a great time meeting new brides and talking with a lot of people!  During the show we offered a spectacular deal, 30% off of their wedding package if they booked during the the show.  If they booked after the show, they will still get a great deal.  We are extending that deal to the rest of the world!  Between now and Valentines Day save 15% on your weddiing package!  That's right!  If you book us as your wedding photographers by February 14, you will save 15% on your package!  Call us today to book your Free Consultation!


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Cyber Monday Sale - Save 50%  

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did!
We are celebrating the biggest online shopping event of the year, Cyber Monday! To celebrate, we are offering 50% off almost everything that we offer! That is right take 50% off your order when you put in the coupon code "CM13" at checkout. Hurry this offer is only good today (December 2) until 11:59 pm CST.
Also, take 50% off when you book a new photo session! Call us today to schedule your photography session and mention this email. This deal is only good today (December 2) until 7:00 pm CST.
The sale does not apply to shipping. There are no refunds on orders placed prior to the sale. It cannot be combined with other offers. This deal is open to existing and new clients!
We are here to answer any questions you may have. So give us a call or e-mail us and we will be glad to talk to you!
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Save 10% Save 10% today through Monday as we continue to celebrate our Anniversary! Use coupon code "5year2013" at checkout!

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Happy Anniversary  


The month of June is our official 5 year Anniversary in business!  Five years ago we turned our hobby into a wonderful business!  We wanted to do what we love and make money at the same time, but also provide our clients the professional and quality service they deserve.  We continue to provide that same service!

It has been great to see all of the smiles we have put on people's faces not only during every session, but as well as when they get their pictures.  We continue to provide our clients images that they can cherish.  I can't count the number of times we have made people cry tears of joy because we have capture their loved ones on camera.  Sometimes it was one of the last memories they will have of them.  It is a wonderful feeling!

We will continue to strive to provide you with the same service you have received the past 5 years for the next 5 and on!  Thank you for helping us put smiles on your face!

With it being our anniversary, we have some special deals going on!  All month on, check your inboxes every week for some awesome deals.  Also, when you book your wedding this month receive Free Engagement session!




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Save 20% This week only, save 20% on all orders.  That's right, no matter how big the order is, save 20%!  Just enter "Great Deal" in the coupon box at checkout.  Or just give us a call to take advantage of this awesome deal!  Hurry offer ends in just 48 hours!  Expires at 11:59 PM CST on March 21, 2013!

GIve us a call with any questions you may have!

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Save 40% on your wedding! Did you recently get engaged?  Want to renew those vows?  Well save 40% when you book your wedding with us!  That's right any package save 40%. This is our once a year deal!  It is perfect for those seeking a bargain!

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New Products! We are offering new products through our website!  From bookmarks to folded-greeting cards to canvas gallery wraps!  There are even new templates available for your greeting cards.  Or we can create a customized template for you.  Just give us a call and tell us what you would like and we will do our best to create a design that you are happy with!


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How have we done? This time of the year is a good time of reflection of the previous year.  There have been so much done in 2012 and we continue to grow and make more people smile every year.  We would like to get your opinion of us by writing a review on the link below.  If we have done and exceptional job on customer services, photography services, print quality, promotions, etc. please let us know.  You can do so by clicking the link below.  If you do this for us, we would like to thank you by giving you a 10% off your next order.  Just make sure you enter your name when writing the review.  Thank you in advanced!

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Featured Photographer We have been named one the area premier service providers on's website.  We are featured in their spotlight section for the Derby area.  Check it here!


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Christmas Special

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Back to School Sale It's that time of year again!  The kids are going back to school in just a matter of days!  So hurry and take advantage of this week's Great Deal!  Save 10% on everything!  Prints, albums, frames, and even portrait sessions!  

Hurry this offer is only good until Thursday, August 9, 2012 by 11:59 PM CST!  Use coupon code Great Deal at check out or just mention that you saw this blog!
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2013 Senior Representatives  

Are you a 2013 Senior? Are you wanting free prints and a free session? We are currently seeking Senior Representatives to promote awesome Triston's Photography is when it comes to Senior portraits!

A Senior Rep is a current high school senior that we "hire" to tell the world how great an experience it was getting a session taken with Triston's Photography. A Senior Rep is someone that is going to show off Triston’s Photography to all their friends and classmates. We’re going to give you some bling to dazzle your friends. Our hopes are that once your friends see what we can do – they are going to come to us for their pictures. Only one or two students from each Wichita high school and three or four from each Andover high school are selected to be senior reps for Triston’s Photography.

What do you get for being a Senior Rep?

  1. Two free photo session that will last no longer than 1 hour (including travel time).  Bring as many changes of clothes as you like.  Pick up to two locations for the shoot.
  2. One DVD containing a web version of 5 usable photos from your shoot.  You can post these on FaceBook.  They will be stamped with our logo.
  3. 48 Senior Rep cards (wallet sized prints) from each session with your picture on it – and our contact information.  This is what you will pass out to your friends when they say “WOW, your photos are awesome – who did them?”.    
  4. 10% off prints
  5. Bonuses

Earn bonuses by referring your friends! With every booked referral, you get one credit. Cash in your referral credits for any of the following, or save them up to increase the value of your bonus!

  1. 1 referral – $40 print credit
  2. 3 referrals – $25 Visa Gift card
  3. 5 referrals – $50 Visa Gift card
  4. 8 referrals – $75 Visa Gift card
  5. 10 referrals – $100 Visa Gift card

To earn your credit, your friend must let us know you referred them at time of booking.  Your friends will enjoy an additional $25 print credit with your referral card.  Remember they must book and keep a senior session with Triston’s Photography in order to redeem your credit.  Gift cards will be given out by April 1st so that we can keep track of all your referrals..

More information and applications are at All applications are due no later than August 24th, 5 PM. Representatives will be chosen by September 1!

Any questions, please e-mail Triston at [email protected].Senior RepresentativeHunter10x20

(Triston's Photography) 2013 Senior Representatives Tue, 24 Jul 2012 15:26:07 GMT
Save 15%! For 2 days only, July 24 - July 25, save 15% on all products!  You can order online or give us a call!  Use coupon code "great deal" at checkout.  Hurry offer ends soon so take advantage of this awesome deal!

(Triston's Photography) Tue, 24 Jul 2012 01:34:59 GMT
FInding the perfect wedding photographer! Here is a great article when you are looking for a wedding photographer!

(Triston's Photography) Fri, 29 Jun 2012 21:07:56 GMT
16 Wallets Free Seniors receive 16 wallets free when your order is $50 or more!  Offer ends May 31!

(Triston's Photography) Fri, 18 May 2012 02:39:18 GMT
10% off! Save 10% on any order until May 17!  You can order online by using the coupon code "Great Deal" at checkout or give us a call we would happy to take your order!  Hurry offer ends in two days!

(Triston's Photography) Tue, 15 May 2012 22:10:46 GMT
50% off 8x10 Triston's Photography brings you another awesome sale! Enjoy 50% off 8x10 prints starting today until Wednesday, March 7th.

Note that this discount does not apply to finishing services such as Specialty Products, Gallery Wraps, Lustre Coating, Standouts, Retouching, or Mounting.
There is no need for a code, the discount is automatically applied at checkout.
Hurry offer ends soon!
(Triston's Photography) Mon, 05 Mar 2012 06:40:00 GMT
Featured product of the week!
Images are printed on a premier art canvas substrate and professionally wrapped around 1.5" thick wooden stretcher frame. We can print them from 8x10 to 24x36 inches. 
This canvas gallery wrap arrives as a finished product ready to hang.
(Triston's Photography) Mon, 16 Jan 2012 13:50:00 GMT
Fall Mini Sessions! Would you like to have your family portrait taken with the beautiful and vibrant colors of autumn!  Well join us on October 29 from 8 am - 12 pm and have your family portrait taken.  Also, you will get the chance to let your kids get their picture taken with their Halloween costumes on!

This day you will get a mini session that will last roughly 30 minutes.  You get the time and one costume change for $20!  If you pay early, (meaning before the day of) you will get 20% off your prints!

Call today to book your time slot!  (316) 258-8003


(Triston's Photography) Tue, 11 Oct 2011 06:58:00 GMT
Haylee's Senior Session This girl was awesome! She has fun and great personality! She was more than willing to jump into water with her prom dress on (trash the dress)! It was great! Check out her session and you'll see how awesome they are. She is also, one of our senior representatives!
(Triston's Photography) Wed, 21 Sep 2011 13:48:00 GMT
<no title> Book your Senior session today to take advantage of our special deal! If your session is taken in the month of September receive 40 Wallets absolutely free!

(Triston's Photography) Sun, 18 Sep 2011 19:08:00 GMT
Seeking Senior Representatives! IMG_0152bblog

Are you a 2012 Senior? Are you wanting free prints and a free session? We are currently seeking Senior Representatives to promote awesome Triston's Photography is when it comes to Senior portraits!

A Senior Rep is a current high school senior that we "hire" to tell the world how great an experience it was getting a session taken with Triston's Photography. A Senior Rep is someone that is going to show off Triston’s Photography to all their friends and classmates. We’re going to give you some bling to dazzle your friends. Our hopes are that once your friends see what we can do – they are going to come to us for their pictures. Only one or two students from each Wichita high school and three or four from each Andover high school are selected to be senior reps for Triston’s Photography.

What do you get for being a Senior Rep?
1. One free photo session that will last no longer than two hours (including travel time). Bring as many changes of clothes as you like. Pick up to two locations for the shoot.
2. One DVD containing a web version of all the usable photos from your shoot. You can post these on FaceBook. They will be stamped with our logo.
3. A Brag Book containing the best photos from your session.
4. 25-50 Senior Rep cards (business card size) with your picture on it – and our contact information. This is what you will pass out to your friends when they say “WOW, your photos are awesome – who did them?”. Each senior that comes in with one of your cards gets a discount. Each card of yours that is brought in also gets YOU a discount on future purchases.
5. Twenty five Brag Cards (post card size) that have your picture on them and graduation date. Most seniors use these as custom announcements.

More information and applications are at All applications are due no later than August 1st, 5 PM. Representatives will be chosen by August 8th!

Any questions, please e-mail Triston at [email protected].

(Triston's Photography) Fri, 15 Jul 2011 07:24:00 GMT
Saturday mini Sessions! Just wanted to let you know about our mini studio session this coming Saturday, July 9 from 11 am - 4 pm. You will have the opportunity to get a 20 minute session for $15! Thats a great deal! On top of that, because you are on our mailing list you save 10% off your prints!

Call now to book your session!

Click the following link to see what backdrops we have to offer!

Each session will last approximately 20 minutes. Do to high volume you will need to be ready at the time of your appointment. If you are late, we cannot guarantee placement. If there is no session scheduled after yours, we can go over a little. Session fee will be do before the time of your appointment, no exceptions. Images will be ready for viewing 2-5 business days after the date of the session. You may view your images by going to and click on proofs. Then type in your access code which is usually your last name unless other wise specified. Prints may take up to two weeks to print depending on volume, sale and promotions. Questions or comments please e-mail Triston at [email protected].

(Triston's Photography) Wed, 06 Jul 2011 14:00:00 GMT
Cemeron's 1st Birthday Portraits Cameron is one of the cutest babies I have seen! He has such a glowing smile! He is a very happy little boy who loves cake! Look at the slideshow below and you will see what I mean.

(Triston's Photography) Thu, 26 May 2011 10:11:00 GMT
Updated website Check out the updated website at

(Triston's Photography) Tue, 26 Apr 2011 18:19:00 GMT
Great couple session! Had a great couple session yesterday! Will posting those soon!

(Triston's Photography) Mon, 10 Jan 2011 08:12:00 GMT
Seniors 2011 Here is Crystal's Fall Senior portraits! We offer 3 seasons of seniors portrait settings. Summer/Spring, Fall, & Winter! Give us a call to schedule your sessions today!

(Triston's Photography) Wed, 05 Jan 2011 07:35:00 GMT